Hot sell Manager Mesh Chair

Hot sell Manager Mesh Chair

Model No.︰TF-15XB


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 155 / pc

Minimum Order︰20 pc

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Product Description



1. Plastic Shell: Black PA engineering plastic + glass fiber 30% + 13mm super thin back design
2. Aluminum Part: ADC#12 polished strengthen aluminum
3. Back(Headrest) Cover: High elastic Korean Wintex GT Mesh
4. Lumbar Support: PU thicker lumbar support
5. Seat: High elastic Korean Wintex GT Mesh
6. Armrest: Paddle shift wire control, PA rngineering pastic frame + glass giber 30%, PU cover
7. Mechanism: 60Si2Mn Double Spring Paddle Shift Wire Control Mechanism, aluminum shell with texture baking finish, anti-corrosion and abrasion resistant
8. Gas Lift: Korea Samhongsa class IV 85mm drive
9. Base: 350mm ADC12# polished aluminum base with reinforce rib and noice reducing caps
10. Casters: 65mm black PU casters


1. Backrest: Height adjustable for 3 level in 4cm and backrest tilt can be locked in 15 positions within 33 degrees by arm paddle
2. Lumbar support: Height adjusted in 5cm
3. Seat height: Height is adjustable within 8 cm by arm paddle
4. Seat Sliding: Seat sliding within 5cm adjustment
5. Armrest: Height adjusted within 5 cm for 5 level and pivot in 3 directions within 28 degrees
6. Mechanism: Backrest tilt tension adjusted by the rocking handle under the right side of the seat and laser coding for 5 years warranty
7. Gas Lift: Cumstermized, load-bearing 250kg, height adjustable in 8cm
8. Casters: Rolling test for 100,000 times
9. Base: The noise reducing caps in the bas hole can reduce the base and caster's noise greatly
10. Headrest: S headrest with rotation, angle and height adjustment
11. Paddle Shift Wire Control System: The backrest tilt lock and seat height are controlled by mechanism via the paddle on the arm

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